New Owners 2021

Purchased Summer 2021, new ownership is rebuilding bunkers and bridges, cutting down trees, and completely renovating the clubhouse. In the meantime, we're slinging BBQ from our smoker so come by, have a beer, and see what we're doing!

Welcome to Woodbridge Golf Club: "A Short Drive, Long On Value"

Tournament results for the WGA Final Round Masters Individual: 1st Flight: Gross: 1st: Frias, 74; Net: Net: 1st: Peirson, 73; 2nd: Arianna, 76; 3rd: Rheaume, 76; 2nd Flight: Gross: 1st: Blackburn, 83; Net: 1st: Campbell, 67; 2nd: Stark, 71; Peterson, A, 77. As usual, fun was had by all!

Twilight after 12:30 everyday $29. Super Twilight after 2:30 p.m. everyday $19; (Family Fun up to 4) for $25 after 5:30 p.m. too. Each player must have a set of clubs; dress code enforced (collared shirts are required).

For enhanced Pace of Play reasons; five-somes are prohibited EVERYDAY!

People of interest recently play at Woodbridge Golf Club:
Buck Brannaman, Michael Finley, Tim "Hall of Fame" Brown, Lee Roy Jordan
Mark Aguirre;Billy Joe Dupree, George "The Ice Man" Gervin, Nick Van Exel,
Spud Webb, Daryl Armstrong,Kevin Millwood, Melvin Bullitt,
DD Lewis, Greg Anthony, Stephen Hodge, Major League Baseball's Chris Davis; Roger Kieschinck, Torii Hunter, Dallas Cowboys Brice Butler!

Woodbridge Golf Club
7400 Country Club Drive
Wylie, TX 75098