Men's Golf Association

2021 Golf Association Schedule:

5/22: PGA Championship Individual
6/19: U.S. Open Individual
7/17: The Open Individual
8/14: Morley Tough Man
9/11-12: WGA Club Championship

Last Tournament Results: WGA U.S. Open Individual, played 6/19/21: 1st Flight: Gross: 1st: Frias, 75, $90; Net: 1st: Walker, 76, $90; 2nd: Tow, 77, $60; 3rd: Arianna, 77, $35. Others: Moses, 77; White, 77; Ackal, 78; Dickenscheid, 79; Foster, 79; Mosley, 80; Chandler, 81. 2nd Flight: Gross: 1st: Collins, 78, $90; Net: 1st: Thomas, 70, $90; 2nd: Thompson, 74, $60; 3rd: Stetler, 74, $35. Others: Cross, 75; Post, 76; Peterson, A, 80; Chambers, 83; Peterson, M, 84; Renshaw, 84; Campbell, 86. And in the heat, and. As usual, fun was had by all!

Next WGA GT: Saturday, 7/17/21, 8:00 tee times: The Open Individual. Fees: Platinum Plus $30; Annual Pass: $47; PDA/Bronze Plus: $65; Daily Fee: $75. Fees include golf, cart, range, and prize fund. Please register on the Golf Genius site only!!!!!! Do that by the Thursday before 5:00 p.m.

2019 15th Annual Gold Cup, played at Plantation GC on 10/19/19 in the a.m. (Four Ball) and p.m. (Foursomes) and at Woodbridge GC in the a.m. (Singles Matches).
Four Ball: Peirson-Davis (WB) 1/2 vs. Karonka-Richardson (P); Wayne-Mowery (P) 6/4 over Peterson-Peterson (WB); Hazel-Weirwille (P) 2/1 over Kline-Dickenscheid (WB); Luttrull-Tow (WB) 1 Up over Ryan-Willis (P); Powell-Thomas (WB) 6/5 over Uzelac-Hamilton (P); Sparkman-Rajwani (P) 5/3 over Campbell-Smith (WB); Rheaume-Chambers (WB) 5/3 over Curtis-Owen, C (P); Evans-Tiemann (WB) 1 Up over Gunia-Owen, A (P); Steinbrenner-Evans (P) 4/3 over White-White (WB). Total: WBGC: 4.5; PGC: 4.5
Foursomes: Rajwani-Owen, C (P) 6/5 over Peterson-Peterson (WB); Tiemann-Davis (WB) 2 Up over Ryan-Willis (P); Bolanz-Wierwille (P) 7/5 over Peirson-Thomas (WB); Tow-Chambers (WB) 1/2 with Wayne-Mowery (P); Hazel-Richardson (P) 2/1 over Luttrull-Campbell (WB); Steinbrenner-Uzelac (P) 5/4 over White-White (WB); Evans-Karonka (P) 6/4 over Evans-Rheaume (WB); Smith-Dickenscheid (WB) 2/1 over Gunia-Owen, A (P); Sparkman-Curtis (P) 6/5 over Powell-Kline (WB). Total: PGC: 6.5; WBGC: 2.5.
Singles: Owen, C (P) 3/1 over Powell (WB); Thomas (WB 2/1 over Bolanz (P); Uzelac (P) 1 Up over Tiemann (WB); Davis (WB) 2/1 over Steinbrenner (P); Evans (WB) 2 Up over Karonka (P); Dickenscheid (WB) 1/2 with Evans (P); Peterson, A (WB) 1.2 with Rajwani (P); Chambers (WB) 2 Up over Mowery (P); Tow (WB) 5/3 over Richarson (P); Foster (WB) 2/1 over Hamilton (P); Peirson (WB) 5/4 over Hazel (P); Luttrull (WB) 1/2 with Gunia (P); Westerfield (P) 2/1 over Kline (WB); Peterson, M (WB) 3/2 over Wierwille (P); Owen, A (P) 4/3 over Campbell (WB); White, M (WB) 1/2 with Wayne (P); Rheaume (WB) 2/1 over Curtis (P); Sparkman (P) 4/3 over Smith (WB). Total: WBGC: 12; Plantation: 6. Total for Cup: Woodbridge GC: 19; Plantation GC: 17. Woodbridge Golf Club wins the 2019 Gold Cup!!!!!
Even in the WARM conditions, fun was had by all!

2020 WGA Club Champion: Mark White (repeat); WGA Net Club Champion: Gary Foster; WGA Ladies Club Champion: Heather White (repeat).

Hope everyone is doing well and time to shake the rust off those bones and clubs. We are excited to announce the start of 2019 WGA season with some news of some new things planned.

New for 2019 in brief

  • Shotgun Starts for all tournaments
  • Sunday Events
  • Gross and Net payouts for all flights
  • Additional Tees available if qualified
  • New Tournamment formats

Tournaments will be shotgun starts for all events. This change was initiated to allow all players to play in the same time frame. We should also be able to announce the winners and hand out all prizes with a majority of the participants around.

It has been decided to payout Gross and Net for all flights. Number of flights and places are paid dependent on the size of the field.

Tees this year are based off standard Blue for Men and Red for Women. This means any male can play from the Blue Tees in all events not designated by Tee (i.e. Red, White, Blue). Additionally, other tees will be available to play for men. In order to play from additional tee, an “Age + Handicap Index” qualifying formula will be used to play any other Tees than Standard.

Men: Age + Index to or greater than:

  • 75 = Blue/White Combo
  • 80 = White
  • 90 = White/Red Combo
  • 100 = Red

Course handicaps will be adjusted according to USGA guidelines.

Red, White, Blue changed to Best Ball for ALL holes

3 Club has changed to 3 Club + Putter

One Person Scramble changed to 4 Person Scramble

2 Person Santa Scramble changed to 4 Person Santa Scramble

Remember, you can always register through Golf Genius, or call the golf shop, or email Eric Askier at for any tournament.

Check your emails for future registration via Golf Genius.

Happy 2019 golfing from the 2019 WGA Committee

Last Tournament Results: Master’s Individual, Accumulator #1: Gross: 1st: White, Mark, 73, $80; Net: 1st: Evans, 71, $80; 2nd: Rheaume, 74, $50; 3rd: Dickenscheid, 76, $40. Others: Slechta, 76; Tiemann, 78; Davis, 81; Maresch, 83; Frias, 85; Taylor, 88; Williamson, NC. 2nd Flight: 1st: Gross: Stark, 85, $80; Net: 1st: Tow, 75, $80; 2nd: Powell, 76, $50; 3rd: Thomas, 77, $40. Others: Campbell, 77; Peterson, Mitch, 79; Rodriguez, 81; Haynes, 81; Gilmore, 86. As usual, fun was had by all!

Gold Cup History: Winners: 2005: Plantation GC; 2006-08: Woodbridge GC; 2009: Plantation GC; 2010-11: Woodbridge GC; 2012: Plantation GC; 2013: Woodbridge GC; 2014-15: Plantation GC; 2-16-2017: Woodbridge GC; 2018: Plantation GC.

All WGA Members-Participants: Keep in mind, a 4 and 1/2 pace of play (either a warning, and/or both a 2-stroke penalty may apply) is strictly enforced for ALL WGA events and USGA Rules apply.

Woodbridge Golf Club
7400 Country Club Drive
Wylie, TX 75098