Senior Golf Association

2021 WGAS Schedule:

6/3: Single Ball, Medal Play
6/10: Stableford Points Individual (Double bogey: -1; bogey: 0; Par: 1; Birdie: 3; Eagle: 5; Double eagle: 8) 8:00SG Start
6/17: Nassau Tournament 8:00SG Start til Oct.
6/24: 2 Person Shamble (pick your team)
7/1: Single Ball, Medal Play
7/8: 4 Person Shamble (pick your team)
7/15: Nassau Tournament
7/22: 4 Person Scramble (pick your team)
7/29: Single Ball, Medal Play
8/5: Four Person, 1-2-3 Best Ball of Foursome (pick your team)
8/12: Nassau Tournament
8/19: 2 Person Best Ball (pick your team)
8/26: Single Ball, Medal Play

Last WGAS Tournament results: Nassau Tournament, played 6/17/21: 1st Flight: 18 Holes: 1st: Clark, 70, $65; 2nd: Moses, 72, $45; Front 9: Wambsganss, 34, $30; Back 9: Wilmoth, 35, $30. Others: Ishii, 74; Stark, 76; Moore, 78; Gabennesch, 79; Blackburn, 79; Smith, 80; Thompson, 81. 2nd Flight: 18: 1st: Drohan, S, 69, $65; 2nd: Bergin, 73, $45; Front 9: Minnix, 33, $30; Back 9: Eustice, 34, $30. Others: Hughes, 74; Jones, 78; Rodriguez, 79; Wright, 80; Campbell, 84; Delgado, 91; Bluestein, 98. 3rd Flight: 18: 1st: Wells, 72, $65; 2nd: Decker, 75, $45; Front 9: Richards, 37, $30; Back 9: Rubinstein, 37, $30. Others: Wagers, 81; Russell, 84; Nelson, 90; Downing, 97; Warborg, DNF; Drohan, P, DNF; Fuja, DNF, Closest to Pin: #11: Downing. FUN was had by all!

Next GT: 6/24/21, 8:00SG Start: 2 Person Shamble, pick your team: ONLY SIGN UP on GOLF GENIUS, on line! Fee include golf, cart, range balls, and prizes (optional $1 for hole in one pot). $17 for members, $32 for daily fee. You must register by the Wednesday before by 12:00 p.m.

Annual Silver Cup, Match play with WGAS vs. Plantation GC Seniors. 1st 3 years of results: Champions: 2017, 18, 19: WGAS

2021: WGA Seniors Officers: Ron Campbell, Rick Smith, John Hughes, Paul Stark, Pat Drohan. 2020 WGAS Club Champion: Joe Moses WGAS Overall Net Champion: Paul Stark.

New WGAS Rules (updated 1/1/21):

* Ball striking player, partner, cart, player/partner clubs, no penalty
* NO penalty for double hits
* You may now take a drop from knee height instead of shoulder height
* Lost ball search time is now 3 minutes, not 5
* No penalty for hitting flagstick and you may elect to leave flag in the hole at any time. You may not manipulate the flag stick in the hole
* “Penalty areas” (aka hazards): loose impediments may be moved and you can ground your club!!!
* Sand traps: Can remove loose impediments but cannot ground club nor hit sand on backswing. But, we will continue to invoke our local rule of lift, clean, rake, and place ball as close to original position except if the flight of ball causes a “normal” golf lie, eg, fried egg, under lip, etc. However, the new rule allows a player to take a 2 penalty drop outside the bunker on line with the hole
*A player who perceives they are out of bounds may elect to hit a provisional, OR, take a 2 stroke drop penalty as per new stroke and distance rule. You may not go back to tee if you are out of bounds and did not take a provisional! Additionally, a lost ball will require a drop and 2 stroke penalty; not stroke and distance.
* Must be at least 50 years young to play, open to Ladies and Gentlemen.
* Yearly dues fee is $10 (Due by February 28th when renewing; or at the time when joining for new members).
* Non-members (and guests) can only collect winnings once without paying dues.
* Must have a valid USGA-GHIN handicap in order to participate.
* 4 events will be recorded as Tournament scores in GHIN (see Tournament schedule).
* If your group plays in OVER 5 hours, then a 2 stroke penalty will assessed to each player!
* Requirement to qualify to play in the WGAS Club Championship: you must have played in 12 or more events and have at least 10 GHIN scores posted from at least 10 GHIN score posted from Oct. 2017-September 2018.
* Tee Box Rules:
* All WGAS events are played from White Tees with the following exceptions:
– Combination of age + Handicap Index = 90 or greater are able to play the White/Red Combo tees (Course handicap Adjusted according to USGA 3-5 and 9-3c)
– Combination of age + Handicap Index = 100 or greater are able to play Red tees (Course Handicap Adjusted according to USGA 3-5 and 9-3c)
– When tournament format designates (Course Handicap Adjusted according to USGA 3-5 and 9-3c)
* Weekly Tournament Rules:
– Unless a requriement of the tournament (Match Play), Play ready golf!
– Rake & place allowed in all bunkers if ball rests in a footprint or poorly conditioned part of bunker (opponent must agree).
– 14 club rule waived (except for WGAS Club Championship and Match Play Championship).
– Preferred lies for scramble/shamble formats. All balls may be marked, lifted, cleaned, and placed on grass within ONE club length, not closer to the hole, from where the selected ball originally rested. Placement of all balls must be in the same turf (fairway, rough, green, hazard) as that the selected ball.
– Pampas Grass will be played as a lateral water hazard. Stance + 2 club lengths + 1 stroke penalty
– In stroke play events, the ball should be played down. When adverse weather and/or course conditions apply, instructions will be given prior to teeing off.
– On the putting green there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, caddies or equipment. Replace the ball or ball-marker.
– On the putting green you are allowed to tap down and/or fix any type of adverse green condition such as spike marks, ball marks, dragging feet marks, etc. without causing undue delay.
– All putts must be holed out to “count as a valid score” in any type of event. In Match Play events, conceded putts are allowed and recorded as a stroke.
– When bunkers are declared out of play or marked as ground under repair, the ball must be taken out and dropped within 1 club length of nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, from where the ball originally rested in the bunker. No penalty.
– Players or teams can be penalized 2 strokes for extending play past 5 hours, as determined by the Club Pro.
– Any dispute of these rules or USGA rules should be noted during play. If dispute about rules or appropriate play during the round, declare to all in the group that you will play 2 balls, prior to playing first shot. Track both ball scores and disputes will then be resolved by the Club Pro and.or WGAS Committee member(s) at the completion of the round.
* Handicap Allowances:
– Individual Stroke events = 100% of player’s course handicap.
– Match Play events = higher-handicapped player receives the full difference in Course Handicap between the two players; the lower-handicapped player plays from scratch.
– 2 Person Best Ball = Men: 90%; Women: 95% of Course Handicap
– 2-Best Ball of 4some = Men: 90%; Women 95% of Course Handicap
– 1-Best Ball of 4some = Men: 80%; Women: 90% of Course Handicap
– Scramble events = 50% of team average
– Shamble events = 75 % of player’s Course Handicap
– In Best Ball, Shamble and Scramble events, a maximum of 10 strokes difference is allowed between the lowest and highest handicap index of all team members. When more than 10, the higher handicap index team member(s) will be reduced to make a difference equal to 10 to the lowest handicap index player(s).
* Payouts:
– Gross and net payouts for Single Ball Medal Play events and WGAS Club Championship.
– Net payouts for Best Ball, Shamble, Scramble, Nassau, and all other formats
– Ties will prize pot equally.
* Hole in One Rules:
– To participate you have to be a current DUES PAYING member (no guests)
– Participation is voluntary. Each tournament is an individual event in which a $1 cash donation can be made at sign up. The 2-Day WGAS CC is considered 2 separate events.
– Any “Hole in 1” from the assigned tee during a WGAS tournament wins. Two additional witnesses are required.
– 80% of the total pot will paid out to the winner(s). The remaining 20% will be used to start the next pot.
– If there are multiple “Hole in 1’s” in the same tournament, then the pot will be split equally.
– Any disputes or rulings will be handled by the WGAS committee.

Woodbridge Golf Club
7400 Country Club Drive
Wylie, TX 75098